HMG radiators are Europe's best and are sold world-wide.
They are tested at 13 bars pressure. They are made from 1.25 mm cold rolled stainless steel and last for years and years. Each radiator has a bleed valve which allows air trapped inside to be expelled with the simple turn of a key without loss of water or the system having to be shut down. All radiators carry 5 years guarantee.

HMG panel radiators are produced by the well-advanced technology of Hans Schefer Heiztechnik AG & Germany. The heating surfaces are maximized by welding the high convertors directly on hot liquid channels. The radiators are prepared without the touching of each part of the process; it is highly durable against moisture and blows. It comes complete with a compact valve built into the radiator body that results in high efficiency using minimum energy. All radiators come in a strong protective packaging with protective cardboard edges

Radiators Specifications

  • Model: PKKP 600mm
  • Nominal output: 2312 Kcal/hr/meter @ 15 degrees centigrade / 9132 btu/hr/meter
  • Dimensions: Standard height 600 mm lengths available from 0.4m to 1.8m
  • Metallurgy: 1.25mm cold rolled steel-zinc coated-treated-corrosion free
  • Inlet/outlet: ½'' each
  • Tested pressure: 13 bars – best in the world!
  • Excellent combination of economy and efficiency – ISO 9000 certified – Bsi certified
  • Easy installation-slim design-double convectors-double water pockets.
  • With grill and side panels.

Paint: Electro Static Power Coating 0.4mm thickness off-white.
Radiator Capacities/sizes
HMG radiators are available in the following sizes and capactities.

1.8 meters

4162 Kcal/hr

1.4 meters

3237 Kcal/hr

1.2 meters

2775 Kcal/hr

1.1 meters

2544 Kcal/hr

0.9 meters

2081 Kcal/hr

0.6 meters

1388 Kcal/hr

0.4 meters

925 Kcal/hr